Compare Standard Pairs To Metals & Indices


  1. you trade standard pairs (the 10 PIP Hybrid feed) with the mindset of out performing the S&P500 market on a yearly basis; and that can EASILY be done; this is NOT a strategy to look at on and hourly or daily basis HOPING for massive income and profits – THIS IS A LONG TERM STRATEGY FOR INVESTMENT GROWTH. The unrealistic desire for daily/weekly/short-term income growth with this strategy is was causes people to OVER BID. Bid instead for long term income growth and you will be doing the right thing.
  • 2. we trade the High Profit feed (metals and indices) for short term daily/weekly income growth with a WIN OR LOSE strategy; with the goal of having more wins than losses – however again we will have loss days. The loss taking on a highly volatile metal or index is better than an entire account ruin; so we accept it and know that in the long term our strategy will allow wins to outpace losses over time.

Now that we have the standard pairs down pat and cooking along where I don’t see any further manipulations needed; I am focusing on perfecting the metals and indices algorithm like never before; wait til you see what I have in store….

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The FXwithTerry Forex Trading Strategy

Many ask what type of “strategy” it is that I use…

It’s called “Position Trading” where once entered, we don’t place a stop we instead manage the position into profit with dollar cost averaging.

It’s proven to be the highest win rate strategy available on standard currency pairs.

And now on runaway positions; using the new 10 PIP Hybrid feed, I will simply enter a hedge to protect the position until it comes back to the original TP; when you see this play out it will be amazing to say the least – as long as the hedge is entered at the right time; in the end that is a guess however 98% of the time will will end in a nicely profitable trade, the other 2% of the time will be break even or a small loss.

How to remove emotions from the process?

1. don’t over bid for you account size; what is the right bid, the one that causes you the least stress over your money (specific to you).

2. realize we don’t control the market and that trades DO NOT just go into an entry then profit every time; some percentage go against and must be held and accepted for the time the market takes to play out; we can’t control volume or movement so if we enter a trade and it takes 10 days to play out; that is not a stress moment for you to experience, patience and trust in our system is key; the new 10 PIP Hybrid will squash those feelings immensely if you bid properly for your account (which is specific to you and your risk appetite and long term goals).

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Can I use your Auto Trading System on my prop firm account?

I DO NOT allow the auto trading system on a prop firm account; and sure you can cheat and possibly bypass me knowing this however the reason I don’t allow it is because you will NOT GET PAID from a prop firm using my auto trading feed because it is a duplicate trade that gets sent to hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time; this will produce a red flag at your prop firm and you WILL NOT GET PAID: even though you could possibly pass your evaluation, they will NOT PAY YOU with these duplicate trades. HOWEVER you CAN use my auto trader feed to pull in all of my trades to a 100k demo account, and use that as your own Signal to manually take the trades that are going into profit on your prop account, manually – entering at a different price and either not placing a take profit TP or altering the TP significantly – making the trade unique to you and your account.

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Can you show me the results of your Full Auto System (myfxbook)?

The results you get are unique to you; based on your account balance (real/live or demo account), your broker pricing and your chosen leverage. Typically in the forex industry people will request to see your “myfxbook” results – and that does not apply here to my auto trader system. My system is unique in that you have full control over all aspects such as which and how many pairs to trade, what your bid size is, etc. One thing to note is that ALL of my trades end in a net-profit (meaning my trades as a whole/basket of trades never lose). How YOU manage the profitable trades I send you is up to you; so your results with my automated system are unique to you.

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What does “Copy Trade” mean?

Copy Trade means the act of copying my trade to your account; also known as a “feed” and you will hear me say “copy trade feed” when referring to full autopilot trading where my trades are copied to your broker/trading account on autopilot.

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What is an Automated “Feed”

I often use the word “feed” when referring to my automated trading system (copy trade system) which means I am “feeding” my trades directly to your broker account using Meta Trader 4/5. An automated feed sends my profitable trades directly to your real/live or demo account on autopilot.

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Is this type of trading called “Martingale”?

No. Martingale is a bidding method where you double the bid every time you lose; we do not double our bids when the trade goes against us; we DO however increase the bid/lot size at times as we place more trades on any given currency pair; doing this is NOT Martingale.

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Isn’t it dangerous for my account to NOT set a Stop Loss (SL)?

I’ve been using my automated system for over 2.5 years at the time of writing this answer and I have never set a stop loss. When you set a stop you WILL take a loss; I don’t like to lose. My trades are designed to scale in (add trades) if the market price goes against the original trade and by doing that we pull the take profit (TP) price closer to our current position; due to the fact that the market prices wave up and down this gives us no-loss forex trades by trading with a “basket” of trades.

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How can your forex signals never lose?

My forex trades and signals NEVER lose or rather, always end in a net-profit to your account assuming you bid properly based on your account parameters. My forex signals are mathematically designed to always profit so you never have to set a stop loss or worry about losing as long as you bid appropriately for your account balance/equity and leverage. YES you can lose if you over trade (too many currency pair trades at once on your account) OR if you over bid (bidding too much based on your account parameters such as balance/equity and leverage) HOWEVER my trades always win; your win rate is based on you and your ability to take/manage the appropriate amount of trades and bid for your account and skillset. 

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