Can I use your Auto Trading System on my prop firm account?

I DO NOT allow the auto trading system on a prop firm account; and sure you can cheat and possibly bypass me knowing this however the reason I don’t allow it is because you will NOT GET PAID from a prop firm using my auto trading feed because it is a duplicate trade that gets sent to hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time; this will produce a red flag at your prop firm and you WILL NOT GET PAID: even though you could possibly pass your evaluation, they will NOT PAY YOU with these duplicate trades. HOWEVER you CAN use my auto trader feed to pull in all of my trades to a 100k demo account, and use that as your own Signal to manually take the trades that are going into profit on your prop account, manually – entering at a different price and either not placing a take profit TP or altering the TP significantly – making the trade unique to you and your account.