Compare Standard Pairs To Metals & Indices


  1. you trade standard pairs (the 10 PIP Hybrid feed) with the mindset of out performing the S&P500 market on a yearly basis; and that can EASILY be done; this is NOT a strategy to look at on and hourly or daily basis HOPING for massive income and profits – THIS IS A LONG TERM STRATEGY FOR INVESTMENT GROWTH. The unrealistic desire for daily/weekly/short-term income growth with this strategy is was causes people to OVER BID. Bid instead for long term income growth and you will be doing the right thing.
  • 2. we trade the High Profit feed (metals and indices) for short term daily/weekly income growth with a WIN OR LOSE strategy; with the goal of having more wins than losses – however again we will have loss days. The loss taking on a highly volatile metal or index is better than an entire account ruin; so we accept it and know that in the long term our strategy will allow wins to outpace losses over time.

Now that we have the standard pairs down pat and cooking along where I don’t see any further manipulations needed; I am focusing on perfecting the metals and indices algorithm like never before; wait til you see what I have in store….