How To Bid Using Forex Signals

The process is simple, you simply follow the ⁠trade-signals-premium section (allow/set notifications) and manually take the trades when they are announced or soon after. Really you can take the trade anytime before it hits the TP or Take Profit number.

**I suggest you start trading on a demo account to first become familiar with my trades and potentially the speed at which they happen and/or update in volatile markets. NO you don’t not have to take every trade (or any trades really), it is all at your discretion.

NOTE: each individual currency pair can go into multiple trades (i.e. a basket of trades) where I essentially add trades as the trade goes against my original position (not martingale) and when that happens you can take all of the trades if your account can handle it (assuming high enough balance and proper bidding) or only take some of the later trades but you’ll want to total up the lot bid size and enter later trades at the same total bid of those you missed or did not take, this lets the math to the profitable trade work out.

Technically you can take a trade later in a sequence of trades if you missed the first entry and multiple entries (additional trades) are being entered in that currency pair sequence; just be sure to set and update the Take Profit (TP:) when an update is published.

How to bid?:

bid any amount that your account/balance/margin can handle (it’s up to you) however note that my initial trades are entered at .10 lot or $1 per pip; when you see a trade in a sequence of the same currency pair (multiple trades in a sequence on the same currency pair) then you should note the lot size or bid, and when you see a bid at .20 that means you want to double your bid from it’s original amount on this next trade in the sequence. NO I do not use strict martingale bidding (where you double the bid each new trade in a sequence of same currency pairs) however as I add trades in a sequence I do increase bids later in the sequence and you’ll see that; the trade starts at .10 lot, then you’ll see a later trade in the sequence go to .20 lot, or .40 lot, or .60 etc. when you see that you’ll want to use those numbers and increase your bid accordingly. If you entered at .01 lot and you see me take a trade at .20, then you would place your next trade at .02 lot (2 times your original bid). The first number in my lot size or bid is the multiply factor you will use when adding trades to a currency pair sequence.

If you want to get all of these daily profitable trades copied directly to your Metatrader/Broker (MT4/5) account then you can skip the manual trading and get right to full automation by joining my automated copy trade service.

One thing I look at to see if my account can handle any given bid size is “margin level %” – the broker will force a loss if your margin level % goes below 70% and to do that you either need to be bidding way too much for the account OR a trade has gone against us and I have added 5-10-20+ trades and you bid too much to begin with and can’t scale your bids up if the trade does go far against us; it happens some times but it’s rare.

Have questions or need help/support – start with the open chat section in Discord and if we need to chat privately you can direct message me @fxwithterry

Get ready for a ton of profitable forex trades; I’m excited to have you as a member.


I am no longer showing “Entry” price on trade signals.

The entry price means nothing to us really; just entering before the TP is key.

Also instead of the bid/lot I changed it to “Bid X Factor” meaning – whatever your base bid is, multiply that times the X factor; so if your base bid is .10 lot then a .10 x factor is 1 X .10 lot – if the Bid X Factor shows at .20 then you take 2 X your .10 base lot which would be a bid of .20 (whatever that is for your account size and risk appetite).

Ask if you are confused.

Example images shown below.