Why Forex Entry Strategies & Indicators Don’t Work

Here is what I have discovered about Forex….

I kept wondering why all strategies lose – they all literally lose. If you know different please show me.

Everyone is teaching an entry strategy; typically using an indicator and things like “price action” “mitigation candles” and/or “order blocks” etc.

There in lies the problem; “strategies” don’t work, meaning ENTRY STRATEGIES don’t work – and EVERYONE is focused on them.

So, knowing that – here is the real answer.

Due to the nature of forex, and the fact that there are NO patterns – the movement is seemingly random.

An entry strategy was NEVER the answer – it has always been and will always be – trade management.

I’ve been working on a new AI system in the background – and entry (direction of buy or sell) is useless – what DOES work is a random entry and managing the trade.

Managing the trade is simply knowing how to and when to…

  1. hedge
  2. martingale
  3. do partial closes (trade a profit for a loss) – ending in break even and moving on (saving margin, saving the account, lowering the DD etc.)
  4. launching trades in a “gap” like 30 pips apart (grid trading) < which most will tell you to avoid HOWEVER it is literally the answer to entries.

It’s time to stop the nonsense and make all of the fake forex “entry strategy” teachers go away – they have ALL been lying to you – and themselves forever – don’t get sucked into the brainwashing.

My NEW A.I. system based on the 4 points above is in beta right now – and I have been working on this for a LONG time – 30-60 more days of testing will reveal a winner or a loser – and I’m seeing this as a major win so far.

Stay Tuned…