Learn How to Best Manage Your Copy Trades

Trade Management Overview:


Learn the basics of Forex: BabyPIPs

Download/View the "Trade Receiver" Manual: Click Here

Learn the basics of MT4: Click Here
*this is a free course, no need to purchase anything there, just access the free course.

In Depth Trade Management Ideas:

Learn Exactly How To Trade The 10 PIP Automation Feed for Maximum Success: Advanced & Prop Firm

Additional trade management ideas not in the video:

1. you could accept all trades always, and just control the overall numbers with lot size (obviously a lower lot size than you would if you were taking limited pairs).

2. You could make your list of 21 pairs, and simply add one pair at a time and slowly ramp up, adding the next pair and getting a feel for how it all works.

Simplified Way Of Choosing Pairs:
Below I've split up the 21 pairs into 3 choices, you can choose a group of 7 based on the amount the pairs move per day; then bid according to your account size/risk-tolerance. This is just a generalization.




Advanced Trade Management: Trading Fewer Pairs In Recovery

I'm beginning a training series posted to YouTube where I manage in real time 3 different accounts using my copy trade service; accounts of $3K, $10K & $100K. This will be built out over time and linked to below.

*Note: each account will have its own playlist, so if you watch one video the next in sequence will play in each play list.

Available now:

Get access to the "Robot Recovery" Robot/EA and how it works, how to install and how to set any currency pair into recovery from drawdown.

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