A List Of Short Emails
Linking To Blog Posts

Promoting The Forex Offer

Copy and paste these emails into your email autoresponder series
You do not have to change the link; use the email as is.

Email #1:

Subject: for what it's worth

Body: Thanks for asking, here is the link to the post and video if you have time to watch it.  CLICK HERE


Email #2:

Subject: they don't want me to show you this

Body: I'm not supposed to show you (or tell you this) but I'm a rebel so here is the link to the info: Read It Here.


Email #3:

Subject: Re: the app I was telling you about

Body: just getting back with you to find out if you got a chance to look at the mobile app I was talking about?

You can get the details here at this link: READ IT HERE.


Email #4:

Subject: need your feedback on this please

Body: wrote you a quick message you can read here, should only take about a minute to read and then get back with me on your thoughts.


Email #5:

Subject: they won't let me use a calculator?

Body: I kid you not, the powers that be won't let me type a number into my calculator and show you the number? What?

See why here, and find out what the don't want you to know.


Email #6:

Subject: I'm prohibited from telling you this

Body: Actually there is a sentence at the top of the page on this link here that I'm not allowed to type into an email because there is a faction of power grabbers that don't want this getting out to you.

I'll probably get shut down soon but if you are fast enough you can read it here.


Email #7:

Subject: time to get mad, they held this from you

Body: If there is one thing that gets frustrated and financially struggling people MAD it's when the answer to their worries is held back from them - HERE'S WHAT IS BEING HELD BACK FROM YOU.


Note: if you've been using my emails and the system you'll notice a big update, essentially how I'm showing you to do it now as opposed to my original plan; this is to ensure we don't get blocked shut down or throttled by the email autoresponder companies.

I'll be adding more emails here that link to posts; you'll notice this was a massive shift and change; bear with me - I'll be adding a new email and post daily moving forward.