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This is a growing list of resources, be sure to engage in our Telegram Community to ask anything you need to know about these resources and how they can fit into your automated forex trading plan.

the best forex vps service

Nothing happen is forex without the proper VPS (Virtual Private Server) setup; and I've used/tested many; I highly recommend THIS SERVICE HERE.


Get the full version of the PR robot: CLICK Here


Get the full version of Trend Trader: CLICK Here

*Note: to get the Daily Pivot EA - you have to own the Trend Trader first and then it is offered on the download page at a discount.

PURCHASE THE make money day trader

Get the full version of the Make Money Day Trader: CLICK Here

*This robot is specifically designed to pass a prop firm evaluation < and is my #1 choice of forex robots that can do this.

Needs specific settings? Ask me in the Telegram Community (FXWT Profit Machines & Robot Lab).

AW recovery robot

I highly recommend this Recovery Robot when/if you get any trades that hang in drawdown that have gone too far and you want to stop bleeding margin and potentially be stopped out; use this robot and it will solve that problem for you.

*need help with this, please engage me in the Telegram group.

AW Recovery Robot

Auto trade close bot

I'll be using this in our Profit Machine setups - it's a free bot and it will become part of our automated trading system.

Auto Close Bot

Trade manager: track max daily drawdown

For maximum Profit Machine tracking, it is very helpful to know what the max daily drawdown is (unrealized loss).

Trade Manager Dashboard

Deprecated Training

Access the previous "copy trade" training and Robot Mentorship; and note that everything has been moved to our two Telegram groups.