Remote Trade Copier EA Download/Setup

The process is very simple to receive my copy trade feed(s).

Follow the steps below and let me know if you need help.

Note: if you are receiving a link to this page you have already provided me your account number(s), for the accounts you want to receive my copy trades into and I have plugged those exact account numbers into my provider system (you are the receiver).

1. Download the Free - Remote Copier Software (MT4 EA).
[right click here to download]

Note: the file you are downloading is a zipped "folder" containing the .ex4 file and the PDF installation guide. This is a standard EA installation you can do on any chart, by copying and pasting the .ex4 file (after unzipping) into the MT4 "experts" folder (see PDF manual).

*don't know how to "unzip" a file for folder? simply download the file (right click and save to computer) then right click on the file once downloaded & choose unzip or extract (depending on mac or pc) and then you'll have access to the files in the folder.

Settings Panel #1:

Your Trade Receiver main software panel should look like this (see below) with these exact settings. Also, you can set the "Stop Copy" setting to "Do Nothing" and that will allow all trades. Or if you want to stop accepting trades, uncheck the "Entry" box next to "Copy Filter" and all new trades will stop coming in.

WARNING! If you don't set the "Only Copy Within" section to 30 seconds, and you "Enable" the receiver, you'll get all past open trades into your account that have not hit take profit yet; not a big deal but not the best idea, you will want ONLY all new trades instead.

Settings Panel #2:

Below is the "Provider List" area you'll see when you click the "Provider List" button at the top of settings panel #1 above. You will simply add my copy trade feed account number(s) (click the "+" button) in the "Account Number" area and provide a description using the name of the feed you are receiving for example: "Micro Scalper" or "10 PIP Automation" etc.

*You'll find the "Provider" account number(s) in the email sent to you, that brought you to this page.

Once you click "OK" you'll be taken back to the main panel and you'll see the connection symbol and monitor at the top flashing, indicating the connection is complete.

Once you "Enable" the remote copier EA you'll get an alert asking you to add a "URL" to the expert advisors tab as shown below.

Here's how that is done...

1. Go to "Tools" in the main MT4 menu at the top of the screen and choose "Options"

2. Choose the "Expert Advisors" tab and check the "Allow WebRequest for listed URL" box, then double click the green + button and add the following URL's.

Then click "OK" and when you return to the Remote Trade Copier control panel and "Enable" you should see the flashing computer at top and the trades will begin coming into your account as they are placed.

*this enables you on the server that sends the trades between our accounts.

Terry Lamb

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