The Prop Firm Funding Plan

Welcome: this is the exact forex proprietary funding plan of action that has allowed me to trade over $10 million worth of live funded accounts.

Others will have you believe that prop firm funding and passing the evaluation phase is hard, but not with my plan of action PLUS I show you how to trade your live funded account with daily stable profits once you are fully funded with REAL/LIVE funds.

Step #1: Choosing The Easiest Prop Firm To Pass

There is only ONE (1) prop firm I would recommend and it's called First Class Forex - specifically the "1 Step HFT Series" account of 100K or 200K.

What is HFT? It stands for High Frequency Trading and it allows anyone with the proper system to pass the prop firm evaluation in 1-2 trading sessions (1-2) days with high profits & little to no drawdown.

*this offer is NOT valid for the "2 Step Evaluation" OR the "1 Step First Class Evaluation" it is ONLY valid for the "1 Step HFT Series".

Why "First Class Forex"?

I have a custom designed robot that will pass the prop firm evaluation GUARANTEED if used properly.

You have two (2) options:

1. You can either own the robot yourself CLICK HERE for the full package.
*allows you to pass an unlimited number of HFT prop firm evaluations leading to live funding!

2. OR have me personally pass the evaluation account for you CLICK HERE.

*this is 100% done-for-you!

Resources Needed:

1. A VPS or Virtual Private Server (Windows Computer In The Cloud). Recommended Provider

How To Trade Your LIVE Funded Account?

You have several options available once your prop firm live account is funded after 7 days. If you are a professional trader and know how to trade profitably on your own, you can do so once your account is funded; however most traders are not profitable on their own so you have two (2) options.

1. Use my Automated Daily Profit System, giving you daily profitable trades sent directly to your account (fully automated hands free) with full control over all aspects. This copy trade system is fully prop firm approved and will be unique to your account.

2. Hire me to trade your account for you professionally - with a monthly 50/50% profit split. I do not charge up front for this management service but instead require a withdrawal profit split of 50% as the ongoing fee. If my trading makes money you make money - and my trading does just that. Contact Me Here to discuss this option.

Note: my guaranteed is based on you following the rules of the prop firm; if you breach the rules my guarantee does not stand; if you purchase the wrong account my guaranteed does not stand, if you are unable to setup the system properly or trade properly my guarantee does not stand. You must at a minimum do the evaluation and trading properly and within prop firm limits.

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