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Congratulations on becoming a member of the Profit Machines & Robot Lab Community.

This is different from most "online" learning environments; in that I don't just link you to a page with recorded lessons, no - instead we collaborate, evolve and grow within the community focused on profitable forex robots, the best settings and when/where to use the automated technology to profit with what I call Forex Profit Machines.

This is about starting at the beginning of "where YOU are" - and I don't know where that is yet unless you come in and engage at the level you are at. Maybe you are new to forex robots and forex trading in general OR maybe you know just enough to dive in deeper - that is up to you. FYI there are NO dumb questions - your success is determined by how much you engage.

The first step is to join our Telegram Community - we are small but growing weekly with new minds on their own journey - and I am here to guide and support everyone where they are at.

Join The Telegram Community Here: FXwithTerry (FXWT) Profit Machines & Robot Lab

*Note: you do not need to come into the community and go back to the beginning to try to "catch up" - instead just enter the stream, and let me know what you are looking to do first < this is an ongoing conversation - a mentorship - an evolution of "your" forex trading journey.

A great way to start is; join the community, introduce yourself and say - "where do I start" and we'll engage in guiding you in that direction OR start with any recommended robot (see the resources page pinned in the community).

The end goal?

The end goal is to have a fully functioning VPS with a robot testing environment (MT4 Strategy Tester), a demo testing account for forward testing & multiple robots running on live/real/prop-firm money earning an income (I call those Profit Machines).

Start wherever you are at and we'll grow from there.


Terry Lamb

Join my journey in the Forex market and we'll focus on fast tracking your progress and success by skipping the steep learning curve and get you up and running with little effort.

Terry Lamb

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