Forex Income System/Setup
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This is the next step in the process of setting up your Forex Income System.

Step #2: Begin/Setup Broker Account

Any MT4/5 broker will work - however it is highly recommended you have a forex/CFD broker that allows at least a 500 leverage [the more leverage a broker account has, the more profits possible].

Recommended Brokers:
#1: HugosWay - CLICK HERE
#2: Coinexx - CLICK HERE

How To Setup: navigate to the broker of choice (see links above) and create your account. Broker accounts are free to setup; you will fund the account later in the process.

AGAIN: this is just creating an account for free / not funding the account yet.
IMPORTANT: please manage/record/save your username and password; this is a financial account just like a bank, you DO NOT want to lose this. DO NOT SHARE YOUR BROKER ACCOUNT USERNAME OR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE; we will never request access to your broker account.

SETUP A DEMO ACCOUNT (See Results Immediately On Demo!) < see the system work in real time on demo money while you wait for your live account to be funded.

If you want to watch the system work in demo (simulated live money) while your account is being funded; then simply let me know (contact me) and I'll send you a 10K demo account to monitor on your mobile phone - just like you would with the live account.

This step is complete when: you can log in and out of your free broker account.

CONTACT ME when ready to move forward!

How To Monitor Your Trading Account(s):

You can monitor all of your trading accounts on Apple or Android devices easily.

1. iPhone iOS - Video Here

2. Android/Google - Video Here

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