The "Forex Profit Machines" System for Daily Forex Income

Thank you for joining "The Forex Profit Machines" movement. This process is very simple and all of the resources you'll need are on this page below. If you are an experienced Forex/Robot trader then what I show you here will be easy and familiar; if you are NOT an experienced Forex trader then I have provided resources for you to learn on your own (self directed) OR you can purchase a "Mentorship" with me - and work together 1-on-1 where I setup the entire system and help you manage it in real time.

  • The #1 Forex Robot (EA) I recommend is the: Profit Retreiver
  • The developer of this commercially available robot provides all help and support for installing and operating this robot. This robot by itself works really well, however as with most robots, if you don't have the proper settings then it won't work as well if you don't have my custom settings offered below.
  • Recommended Broker: HugosWay or any broker allowing MT4/MT5
  • Recommended VPS (Windows Cloud PC):
  • All of this too complex for you (brand new?): I can trade your account for you 100% Done-For-You. Message me to discuss the possibilities (I ask for a min 20% profit share).

My Custom Profit Machine(s) Settings

I have personally spent thousands (1,000's) of hours testing these settings (shown below) and I run them on live forex accounts - they work and they are very unique; I call each of them a "Profit Machine" because that's what they do (they produce daily, weekly, monthly profits), these settings allow the robot to run in a very unique (very unconventional way) that no one else is using - I've never seen anyone run automated trading the way I do and it just works. The settings provided by the robot creator do not even come close to my settings - see below.

Note: each Profit Machine set of settings are unique and diverse; designed to do exactly what is stated; I have tested everything thoroughly however - here is a general rule; the less you ask it to make per day, the longer it runs on autopilot without intervention.

Intervention? << that means that no matter what robot you use or even if you do manual trading (ouch that pains me to even say because it sucks) then at some point your account will go into "drawdown" and hold/maintain an unrealized potential loss. How you handle that is unique to you and I can provide free help and assistance in my dedicated "Profit Machines" Telegram group [proof of purchase of the Profit Retreiver robot is required for entry] Contact me for access (with proof of robot purchase).

*all custom settings should be run on demo account first to perfect and test the outcome before putting on live money - this is to verify your settings are correct first.

Profit Machine #1: $250
[order your Custom Settings File & Instructions Here]
$25 per day medium to high risk, single currency pair system.

Recommended Account Size: minimum $2,500 / 500+ Leverage
[risk of account ruin factor on a scale from 1-10 = 5]

Profit Machine #2: $325

[order your Custom Settings File & Instructions Here]

$75 per day, medium risk, multi pair system. 

Recommended Account Size: minimum $2,000 / 500+ Leverage

[Risk of account ruin factor on a scale from 1-10 = 3]

Profit Machine #3: $475

[order your Custom Settings File & Instructions Here]

$50-$100+ per day, low risk, micro trade system.

Recommended Account Size: minimum $1,500 / 500+ Leverage

[Risk of account ruin factor on a scale from 1-10 = 1]

*join the Telegram group mentioned above for trade management ideas and automated drawdown recovery techniques/robot.

Forex Trading Resources

If you are brand new to Forex and robot trading, I have compiled a set of training videos I recorded and I know they can be helpful to get you on the path of Forex learning and success IF you put the time in to learn. You can get full access HERE on this page.

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