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Still Earning 10% OR Less Per Year (Ouch) What About 10%+ Per Month?

From The Trading Desk of: Terry X (last name withheld for privacy)

Date: July 7, 2023

Are you a "profitable" investor?

Most (90%+) never really make enough returns in the market to brag about; let alone retire early with.

Below is a screen grab from Google, after I asked it to tell me what the average stock market return was:

...and investors have been happy with that "maximum" of 10% PER YEAR for over 20 years.

Me, I wanted more - in fact I NEEDED more if I was going to retire with enough life left in me to enjoy it.

And so my quest began, to get it figured out for myself; and my search led me to a worldwide financial market that trades 6+ Trillion - that's "Tril-lion" per day. Put another way, a million million (12 zeros).

Now, focus on what I said above when I said "figured out for MYSELF" << that is the key here; it was about me and only me.

I did not set out to share this with anyone; why would I? why would I need to? this is my life, my success and mine alone.

The point?

I say that to make a HUGE POINT; what I'm sharing here was designed for me, my lifestyle, my finances.

I took early retirement from being an Airline Pilot - because the job was killing me (literally killing me, eating airport hotdogs and living on the back side of the clock for years).

After retiring early, I began to worry that the money I had saved was not going to be enough to last my entire lifetime; I needed to either go back to work (not a chance) OR figure out this retirement income thing fast.

I spent the next 5 years learning how to "trade the market" manually and almost killed myself doing it (up all night, pots of coffee, sleeping all day) and along the way I put in the time and frankly -  I GOT LUCKY.

I noticed a pattern in the CFD market (i.e. Contract For Difference) also known as the Foreign Exchange Market (remember the 6 Trillion per day I mentioned above) and I started to create a daily income; in the range of 10-40%+ per month on my measly $10,000 broker account.

My next brilliant idea was to hire a programmer who could automate my system, and I spent nearly $100,000 of my own money doing it; I then spent 18 months testing and perfecting it, tweaking it so it would work automatically with lightning speed, just like the billion dollar hedge funds do (they don't manually trade trust me) < they have computer programs "algorithms" doing the work for them.

Again, this was all for me - I had zero intentions of sharing this with anyone; hell even my own family was skeptical - even though I was sharing my results, withdrawals and live bank account, they were in disbelief - and I could care less; again - this was for ME and my future; f&%k them (sorry for the harsh language but I'm a red blooded American male and I have a mouth on me, just ask LOL).

Just the other day, a gentleman said to me - "Are you a genius Terry?" - I laughed and said NO, I got lucky on this one; especially if you know that luck is created by focus, tenacity and thousand of hours and dollars in pursuit of a dream.

My dream was to turn my profitable trading system into an automated robot (trading algorithm) so I never had to set in front of a computer again staring at bar charts and god forbid "indicators" telling me when to trade. 

I have automated everything 100% - I don't touch a thing - the entire system runs in the cloud on the same servers that run Amazon and Google - and now I just monitor everything on my mobile phone using a free app available to anyone.

I took a $10,000 broker account, and doubled it in 90 days, then took those profits and created another $10K account and doubled it again ($10k seems to be the sweet spot in terms of results and monthly profit) < don't ask me why really, but its based on how much risk the broker is taking by giving you the leverage to trade with them.

Now, I have so many $10K accounts producing well over 10% profit per month (do the math) I know for a fact I'll never want for money ever again in my life. While you're at it (the math) imagine 15-20% profit per month - the market does that pretty regularly and it's mind blowing to see it.

Will I trade your money for you? NO!

But what I WILL do is point my automated system AT your broker account (it's free and easy to setup a broker account) - and you can get the exact same daily trades (and profits) my system produces weekly, forever.

Why would I even offer such a thing?

Truth is, I started to have so many $10K accounts and so much profit I built myself an automated system so I could add accounts easily - at will (takes me about 60 seconds to add a new account to my trading system).

I was never going to share this; I would be revealing too much of my proprietary system; but NOW that I have it black boxed and automated - I'll give the right person (you?) a license to print money like I do.

Is this full on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Oh it has some of that built in, but do you really care how it works or even why? I can tell you this; THIS IS MY MONEY AT RISK, and I sleep well at night, and take naps daily.

If you are an experienced trader (or have trading experience) you'll ask me all sorts of questions about how it works, if I do this or that, if my "bot" does this or that and I'll tell you - it does not matter; all that matters is results. I love you man but "experienced" traders are the worst; so much brainwashing in this industry I can't provide trading therapy to everyone (it's not your fault). BUT I can make you "finally" a profitable trader if you let me.

My system produces ZERO "0" net losses - meaning my account balance grows continually every day, literally every hour all week long, all month, all year - and my original $10k balance is not touched; only profits above and beyond the $10k in my broker account. 

And with the type of broker account I recommend, you can pull profits at will, anytime you desire.

Traditional investing earns (if you are lucky) 10% per YEAR. 

What if you could earn 10%+ per month?

How soon would you "quit" and start looking for hobbies? (I planted a garden and bought a helicopter LOL).

But also remember, I am 100% retired; I am free - which means I won't be offering this forever or for that many people; most will poo poo this off as some sort of scheme or loophole I'm leveraging; that's good I can't bare to work with the "skepticals" anyway - I can fly an airplane upside down with one eye closed and a beer in my hand - I don't need to convince anyone of my skill to make this work - it works; join me if you dream of freedom like I did (and now live daily).


I'll share with you some videos (coming soon) and screen shots of results below; take if or what it is. Just real people with real results, my results and many of my "smart" friends who have gotten out of their own way and just let my system work. Maybe one day even you and I will become friends; I know you'll start loving on me after a few weeks of watching your money grow - I will make room for you.

[results will be here when I feel up to doing the extra work - so be patient]

What's it cost?

Don't send me your $10K, thats your money and you'll put that into a broker account (I show you how) that you control: I don't want your investment money.

What I do is I license my automated trading system; on a per $10K account basis and I charge a very small monthly fee per trading account; hosted on my super fast cloud server. Everything 100% done for you; you have zero things to do or manage - no software, no setup, no trading, no learning; just let it do it's thing.

However, my server only holds so many accounts soooooooo....I would hurry if I were you, I just opened this up to the public for a limited time until my server is full (cloud servers this size are not cheap) so, sit on this and lose out or get a license and get grandfathered in forever - while I feel generous.

If this turns out to be a lot of work for me with hundreds of "skeptical" questions then I will pull this page down quicker than you can say - capital gains.

Talk soon...
"to your trading success"

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