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IN THIS LESSON: Learn how to order the proper VPS (Virtual Private Server) account; required to run your always on Windows PC in the cloud with Forex automation.

Once done with this lesson, move on to the next lesson to learn how to log into your VPS.

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IF you chose the 100% Done-For-You (DFY) setup option, you can simply forward the VPS setup email (containing IP address and password) to my email: terry@fxwithterry.com < and I will personally setup and optimize everything for you and you'll be up and running in hours instead of days without any complication.


Interserver VPS

Done-For-You Setup $149.00

#2: Setup Broker/Demo Account


In this video you'll choose/setup your broker account and you'll also setup your demo trading account and pass that account info to me so I can plug that into your custom VPS server and MT4 setup.


Use the live chat box upper right and reply to my welcome message, with your demo/live account number; I will reply with the info you need as seen in upcoming videos.


HugosWay Broker

Action items

NOTE: in the video I suggest to setup a $10,000 demo account, however let's discuss a few other options also.

1. setup a $100,000 account (max size) to give yourself more room to practice and change settings (trade more or less currency pairs or increase/decrease lot size / bid size).

2. choose a smaller "leverage" number when creating your demo account if you plan on trading with a proprietary forex trading firm (Prop Firm); most firms only provide 50-100 leverage; some as low as 10 so practicing with a 50 leverage will give you a better feel for margin % requirements (covered in the trade management section).

#3: VPS Login (MAC/Windows)


Once your VPS is setup properly, this video is how you log in using an Apple/Mac computer.

If you are on a Windows computer and you want to log into the VPS, see the link below for instructions.


Windows PC/VPS Login Instructions

Action items

Common login mistakes are:

  1. accidentally adding a space at the beginning or end if you copy and paste username and/or password. Solution: manually type your username and/or password.
  2. Not following the login example video specifically (skipping a step); Solution: slow down and focus.

#4: Install MT4 Software


Here we'll install the free MetaTrader4 software from your broker, login to your broker demo/live account and do some basic optimizations of the software.

*remember you should have setup/received a demo account at your broker (step #2) and that is the account number/password you'll use to log into your broker account feed inside of MT4.

You'll find the "Learn MT4" module helpful later on as you want to become familiar with the MT4 software - HOWEVER you do not need to learn every aspect of the MT4 software since you will most likely not want to do any manual trading - since we automate the process and make it easier.

Action items

Download MT4 from your broker (only use your brokers version, versions outside of your broker are not actually MT4 but rather version 5 which we do not use). Install MT4, login to your broker demo/live account and optimize MT4 for basic settings.

#5: Install Trade Receiver


Learn how to install the Trade Receiver FREE inside of the MT4 software, and start receiving automated forex trades.

DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE: see the link below, right click and save to your local pc, then once downloaded, find the file on your pc, right click it, copy it and then log into your VPS and paste it for use on your VPS and installation.

Web Request URL's [the web address you'll need to add to MT4 experts area/tab]

*you can copy and paste the addresses below as shown in the video above.




Trade Receiver Download

Trade Receiver Manual PDF

Action items

Download the software and save it to your pc, then copy it and paste it to your VPS.

#6: Enable Trade Receiver


In this lesson you will transmit your broker demo/live account number to me via chat and once you are setup on my end (I add your account number to my trade sender) then you'll receive a live chat message from me with the trade receiver account number and feed description/name to enter into the trade receiver "provider list" area - then you'll enable the trade receiver.

Action items

Use the live chat option to message me your demo/live account number and I'll respond with the proper trade receiver account number and description/name you'll need to enable the trade receiver.

advanced: How To Optimize A New VPS


Learn how a VPS is optimized after setup for best operation and how to handle Windows updates so your VPS is not automatically reset during the week when automated trading is crucial.


Set Your VPS Group Policy NOW!

Action items

CRITICAL: use the link above to view the "Group Policy" PDF, and follow the instructions, you are looking for the final step (choice 5) to say "download only" << EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do your Windows updates on the weekend when trading is halted.

advanced: Install MT4 Portable


In this video we'll cover the concept of installing MT4 and making it "portable" - meaning making MT4 install in one folder so it can be moved to an external drive, a USB stick, another computer, very easily. As is the MT4 installation by default does not allow this, and when you make MT4 portable you can take your account anywhere to any computer and run it easily.

Action items

Install a copy of MT4 portable, stay organized with your files and folders and launch in "administrator" mode from the root directory.

advanced: Optimize MT4


In this video I'll show some tactics to help you optimize an installation of MT4 assuming you want to run many of them at once on your VPS and not have them eat up too much memory or computer resources; MT4 by default takes up more computer resources than needed so here we'll cover the exact MT4 optimization tactics for a faster operating version of the software.

Action items

Optimize your own MT4 installation using my recommendations.

Mobile Device Monitoring: Apple/iOS Connect


Learn how to monitor your MT4 Forex trading account on Apple iPhone iOS.

NOTE: as of now the MT4 app is no longer available; the USA has removed it from use due to relations with Russia.

Mobile Device Monitoring: Android/Google Connect


Learn how to monitor your MT4 Forex trading account on your Google Android mobile device.

NOTE: as of now the MT4 app is no longer available; the USA has removed it from use due to relations with Russia.

Mobile Device Monitoring: Mobile Notifications


Learn how to get specifically notified on your mobile MT4 device and app when a trade is entered into, modified or closed.

*Note: just because you are logged into your account on MT4 does not mean you will get trade notifications; this video will show you how to ensure you get notified. We cover both Apple iOS and Google Android versions.

NOTE: as of now the MT4 app is no longer available; the USA has removed it from use due to relations with Russia.

MODULE: Learn MT4 Desktop

My friends at Trade ATS have put together a great course on what you need to know to operate MT4 Desktop efficiently; see the link below (register) the course is free.


Free MT4 Desktop Course

Install MT4 / Portable


If you are performing your own VPS / MT4 setup and installation or you want to add more MT4 installations to your VPS then this lesson will help you to install Metatrader 4 portable and also cover being organized with files and installing multiple versions.

How To Find Account "Leverage"


It's important to be organized and know your demo or live account "leverage" and at times you may need to know the leverage long after you've created the account or to confirm your live/demo or even prop firm account leverage.

In this video I'll show you exactly how to do that and stay organized.

Action items

Practice doing this now so you have the skillset when you need it.

MODULE: The "Trade Receiver"; VPS Trade Receiver Overview


In this lesson you'll get an overview of your VPS server if you are using only the "Trade Receiver" option and not doing the advanced local trade copier.

This is a great way to practice trading with the copy trade system, using the easy to use control panel (discussed in depth in other trade management videos).

MODULE: The "Trade Receiver"; trade management; Trade Receiver Overview


In this video I provide and "overview" of the Trade Receiver settings and how to manage trades using ONLY the Trade Receiver.

NOTE: this is assuming you are ONLY using the Trade Receiver and are not using the advanced options of LTC or Local Trade Copier - because the use is different for LTC traders.

Advanced tip: in the video I mention setting your "only copy within" setting to 30 seconds, however if you are using this as a data account (typically advanced) OR you want to see all of the current open trades then set this to 0 and set the spread to 10000 to get all the trades, then set the seconds back to 30 and spread back to 50 after the trades populate (should be instant).

If you want to accept one trade at a time (the trade receiver is not the best way to do this, but rather the advanced option of the LTC or Local Trade Copier is best) set your "If equity DD reach:" to .01 & "Stop Copy" - that means as soon as 1 trade comes in the "Copy Filter" check box will be automatically unchecked and you'll have to manually re-check that checkbox when you want the next trade <<< this is an advanced technique.


Trade Receiver Manual PDF:

Action items

Manipulate your lot size to balance profits with drawdown; practice a lot to get a "feel" for the margin level % your account can handle before getting "stopped out" or "so" in the comments [Stop Out = when the broker shuts your trade(s) down at a loss because you over traded or over bid, and your margin level % reached 70% or less].

MODULE: The "Trade Receiver"; trade management; Overall Trade Management / Trade Receiver


This video covers an overview of trade management using ONLY the Trade Receiver and we also introduce how to take and manage only one trade at a time (can be done with the Trade Receiver but easier with the advanced LTC Local Trade Copier).

I intro the Recovery Robot concept and when that may be used.

*update in the video; note that if you are only taking one trade at a time and are in recovery you will want to uncheck the "exit" box so my copy trade system doesn't auto exit the trade and give you an unwanted loss.

Action items

Practice changing / manipulating settings to get comfortable with future live trade management (push the limits and learn what you can bid, how many trades, etc.)

MODULE: The "Trade Receiver"; trade management; Lot Size


Learn how to change your lot size / bid size in the Trade Receiver only and how the multiply factor works.

Action items

Practice changing your lot size and taking trades at higher bid amounts, seeing how drawdown affects your margin level percent.

How much can you bid per trade, based on account size, account leverage and margin level before you get stopped out "so = stop out" and the broker shuts you down for over bidding/trading.

MODULE: The "Trade Receiver"; trade management; Custom Field / Limit Pairs

Learn how to use the Trade Receiver control panel to limit the number of currency pairs you trade on any copy trade feed; it can be useful to not trade "all" pairs if you want to bid more per trade yet not over trade or over leverage your account with too many trades.


Custom Field Instructions

Action items

Practice limiting how many pairs you trade on any given feed.

level 2 MODULE: Incubator: Trading Feeds



This is a highly success trading system, which can take many trades per day on 10 different currency pairs, and has built in recovery.

What is built in recovery? Technically it's called "Martingale" where in if the price goes against the initial trade the next trade is taken at a higher lot size - this helps recovery any potential loss however it can also cause a lot of trades (more than an individual account can handle) so this must be take into consideration via manually taking a loss or stopping trading and recovering (see the Trade Recovery Module for more on that).

*if you want to receive this feed to your "Trade Receiver" you'll need to message me and let me know which demo/live account number you want to receive the feed to; once I've added your account number on my end I'll message you back with the details of what account number to add to the Trade Receiver.

In this section we'll cover the need to know details of the "10 PIP Automation" copy trade feed.

What is a "feed"? It's simply a stream of automated trades that are sent directly to your VPS server which has your MT4 account open, and trades are received using the "Trade Receiver Free" < see that module for more details.

Action items

10 PIP Automation Details:

Currently trading 10 currency pairs:


Slower moving pairs may take longer to go into profit compared to the fast moving pairs. Each currency pair moves in what is called an "ATR" or Average True Range of pip's, the slow moving average about 50 pips per day where the fast moving move about 200 pip's per day. This is a generalization not a rule or absolute fact.

Trade recovery is built in; meaning if a trade goes into drawdown very far, additional trades are taken (martingale style) to trade out of the recovery.

Martingale? means additional trades are entered at a slightly higher lot size until the trade direction turns in the favor of the original trade entry and overall profit is realized in a "basket" of trades.

Basket of trades? Example, AUDUSD is the currency pair being trades and it goes into 2,3,4+ trades (a basket) until the overall profit on AUDUSD is positive then all trades are closed (as a basket/whole) with a NET profit; even though you may see some loss trades they are not a loss overall they are a net profit; due to the recovery logic of the 10 PIP Automation.

The "10 PIP Automation" Management Webinar CLICK HERE

MODULE: Recover Losing Trades

What is "Trade Recovery"?

Trade recovery techniques are used when you feel as if your trade has gone against you to a drawdown (potential loss) level that is not going to end up in profit so you make the command decision to recover the potential loss into a net profit.

In this section I'll show you both automated recovery and manual recovery and you can choose if and when this fits into your trading skillset arsenal.

Action items

Determine if/ when trade recovery is a skillset that could benefit you and then decide if automated or manual recover is the right path.


Here you'll learn how to use the leading recovery robot, which will recovery any trade from drawdown into profit - recommended for trading your own funds and not prop firm trading.

Note: when a currency pair is in "recovery" using this robot, you'll want to stop taking trades from the copy trade system on that particular currency pair; to do that here is how.

Say for example you don't want anymore trades on EURUSD, you will simply click the "custom pair" setting in your Trade Receiver FREE and enter that currency pair with an exclamation mark "!" in front of it like this "!EURUSD" and no more copy trades will come into your account while that pair is in recovery; be sure to remove that after the pair is recovered.


Purchase The Robot

Recovery Robot Instructions

Conservative Set File

Action items

Purchase and install this robot directly in the MT4 platform and practice recovering drawdown trades.

Advanced AW Robot Ideas


Here I'll discuss when to "visually" recover, in addition to having a drawdown trade you can look at the chart and make refined decisions on when and how to implement the AW Recovery bot.

Action items

Practice creating a visual MT4 chart as shown in the video and see if you can get a trade into drawdown (testing) and then set the recovery robot to recover based on doing only buys in and uptrend or only sells in a downtrend.

Manual "Hedged" Recovery


Here you'll learn how to manually recover a drawdown trade, without using any automation. This is a great skillset to have to trade with zero net losses.

Action items

Practice recovering trades that have went against you in drawdown, and manually recover into profit.