Full Auto / Copy Trade
System Setup

If you want to skip the system setup and have an expert set it all up for you; click here.

Below are the step by step instructions for setting up the full auto copy trade system.

Step #1:
We use the "Social Trader Tools" system to copy all of our trades.
Create your Social Trader Tools Account https://socialtradertools.com
*save your username and password - for future access.

Step #2:
In your Social Trader Tools account, activate “Hosting” in the billing area; you need a minimum of 2 accounts (the base level subscription).

Step #3:
Subscribe to my auto copy system if you have not already.

Subscribe And Receive Everything:
1. Full Access To LIVE Premium Signals: 22 Standard Currency Pairs
2. Full Access To The MAIN Feed (The 10 PIP Hybrid) conservative/continuous
3. Full Access To The "High Profit Feed" (Gold, US30, NAS100, SPX500 & USOil)

Option 1: Monthly  Click Here 
Option 2: Lifetime  Click Here
*as a bonus you'll receive all Premium Signals + two (2) feeds, see bottom of this page for feed details. Each auto trade (i.e. copy trade) feed comes with the ability to create 1 copy to 1 account; additional copy setups cost $10 per month extra per feed.

Once subscribed then message me in the Discord group @fxwithterry and let me know you have signed up and provide me your Social Trader Tools "Profile ID" found in the upper right menu of the website (click your name in upper right, choose "profile manager" and you'll find your Profile ID there) - send that to me.

Step #4:
When you provide me with your Social Trader Tools "Profile ID" you will then be connected to all 3 feeds and you will see them show up in your “signals” area (see image below)

Step #5:
Add your trading account (demo or live); go to "Configurator" in the left menu, click "Accounts" and then the blue "+Add Account" button.

NOTE: after adding your account (it may take a minute for it to connect so be patient) you will see a green check mark on the left (connection successful) and you will see numbers in the "Active / Total Symbols" column, the yellow triangle means you need to disable some symbols and only select the 22 pairs we trade (that step is next).

*if you do not get a successful connection; delete the account and re-add it!

Warning! If you allow ALL symbols to be active (see 102 above) you will slow down your account and potentially miss trades; so be sure to follow the next step (disable/enable currency pairs).

Step #6:
Click the blue gear icon on the right (see image above) which is the "Account Configuration" and go to the "Disable Symbols" menu and then click "Disable All".

You will then want to check ONLY the 22 symbols we trade which are listed below.

*note: you will only use the green boxed pairs above for the High Profit Feed. Remember to click "Update" after checking off the instruments you want to trade.

When you have checked ALL 22 Currency Pairs from the "red box" list above; click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. Then verify "22 Enabled Symbols" at the top of the page; if you do not have 22 enabled, go back through the list and find the one(s) you missed and repeat the update process.

After adding your trading account to Social Trader Tools (live or demo) you'll need to ensure your "Forex Suffix" is set correctly. Most brokers show their pairs as EURUSD for example; however some may add a suffix to the end like EURUSD.x - the only way to know that is to log into your account in the Metatrader app and look at how your broker displays the currency symbols. If you set your suffix to (.) and your broker does not have a suffix, the copier won't work and visa versa; if your broker has no suffix then choose "No suffix" (see image below).

Step #7:
Next go to the left menu "Configurator" and choose "Trade Copier" and finally, choose the "Create Copier" blue button.

Step #8: (see image below)

Configure your copier - choose the "Copy from" dropdown and choose:

1. Premium Signals - should be copied to a 100k demo account; this allows you to see ALL trades from my automated system. Yes you can trade this fully automated feed to a live account on all 22 currency pairs we trade (or a sub-set) however I don't recommend it unless you are a highly experienced trader - the full feed will overwhelm your account and over trade even with a small bid however it can be done. I recommend you use the Premium Signals feed as it says, as a "signal" as to what the entire system is trading at any given time; from this you can potentially pick and choose trades to jump into manually if you are experienced.

2. 10 PIP Hybrid Feed: this is the main auto feed, which pulls trades from the main feed and trades in groups of 3-4 pairs at a time protecting against run away trades; you can run this on a demo or live account, start your bid low and increase over time as you see success and how the market is behaving.

3. High Profit Feed: This trades the metals and indices (XAUUSD/Gold, US30, NAS100, SPX500 & USOil) primarily Gold and US30 are the active instruments; however I recommend you only start with Gold and then slowly add the others as you get experience; bidding on US30 at the minimum bid the feed sends (.10) could be disastrous to your account; it is often recommended that you create a copier for each instrument separately and reduce the bid on all but the Gold trades; the copier multiplier for US30 can be set to .1 at a minimum to protect small accounts (no lower than 1K live money). YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST PRACTICE ON DEMO WITH THIS TO UNDERSTAND FULLY FIRST!

Next: choose the "Send to" dropdown and choose your account (added in step #5 above) this is your live or demo account. It is suggested you start with demo first to become familiar with the trading and to ensure your copier is setup properly - trade on demo for a week or two so you know how it works and what to expect. Then, once ready to go live, simply delete the demo copier and setup your live account following these steps.

Next: choose "Risk Type" - and set it as "Lot Multiplier".

Next: choose "Multiplier" and set it at "1" to start. See #how-to-bid-autotrade in the Discord group "COPY AUTOMATION" menu.

Leave "Copy Existing Trades" set to No.

Click: "Create Copier"

Step #8 (a):

Configure and activate your copier.

Choose "Copier Configuration" (blue gear symbol #1 red arrow below).

Step #8 (b): (see image below)

Configure and activate your copier.

Choose "Disable Symbols" first and set all 22 currency pairs exactly as you did in Step #6 above. Be sure to click "Update" at the bottom of the page before proceeding.

Step #8 (c): (see image below)

Configure and activate your copier.

Choose: "Stops & Limits" from the menu and set as the image shows; Copy Pending Orders NO, Copy Stop Loss NO, Copy Take Profit NO, then click "Update".

Step #8 (d): (see image below)

Configure and activate your copier.

**NOTE: if you are using a US, FIFO broker such as Oanda, you could experience errors if you choose to copy the Take Profit and/or Stop Loss - it is suggested that you set both of those to NO. And with all other brokers you can use NO also, because when my trade closes at Take Profit it will send a close message to your account whether you copy the TP and SL or not. The only time setting NO as an option is a problem is if your account disconnects from the copier and it does not have a Take Profit set, then it would not close and you would have to do that manually.

HIGH PROFIT FEED - Subscribers:
YOU MUST SET ALL 3 ABOVE TO YES (Copy Pending Orders, Copy Stop Loss, Copy Take Profit) ALL must be set to Yes when trading XAUUSD, US30, NAS100 & SPX500 & USOIL

Choose: "Risk Settings" from the menu and set as the image shows;
Reverse Trades "NO"

Risk Type "Lot Multiplier"

Multiplier "1" (see #how-to-bid-autotrade in the Discord group)
Slippage "1000"

Max Lot "50" (this is at your discretion, it does not effect our trading unless set too low)

Force Min Lot "No"
Then click "Update"

Note On MAPPING Symbols!

Map Symbols: with the Main feeds on standard currency pairs symbol mapping is not usually required; however...with the High Profit Feed the symbol trades can very greatly between brokers.

Example: when trading Gold shown as XAUUSD most broker use the same symbol however on pairs such as US30 your broker may show that a US30USD or WS30 so you need to "map" that or the trades won't copy.

Another Example: SPX500 might show as only SPX and that would need to be mapped.

The pairs I send in the High Profit Feed are:

USOil can show as USOIL or XTIUSD UScrude, etc. and that needs to be mapped.

You will need to map my pairs above, to your broker pairs if they are different on your broker, click +Add Symbol Map: (see image below).


Once your copier is fully setup and activated; the only thing you really need to manipulate is the "Multiplier" section, essentially multiplying MY base .01 lot size (which is what your trades are transmitted at) to achieve the lot size bid you want; Example; if you want to bid .20 lot size that is 20 X .01 or a Multiplier of 20. Be aware that as my system scales into trades (i.e. adds more trades on a currency pair in sequence) the transmitted bid can and will go up so factor that into your original base bid. 

Step #8 (e): (see image below)

Configure and activate your copier.

Choose: "General" from the menu and set as the image shows;
Copier Mode "ON"

Copy Existing Trades "NO"

Trade Comments (this will show in your trading account on each trade, not required but can help you keep track of copiers if you have more than one).

Then click "Update"

Congratulations! Your Copier Is Now ACTIVE and will start trading with the next available trade.


It's up to you to manage/control your account and the best way to do this is by bidding properly based on your account balance/size and your leverage/margin level %. << this ONLY comes from practice, noticing how the trade feed is reacting to market conditions and the flow of trades over time (a 60-90 day look back is important to pay attention to).

If you have questions on anything, visit the #open-chat area in the Discord group.

Note: regarding the different feed options:

1. the "10 PIP Automation" feed - this is the main feed trading all 22 currency pairs at once; it will trade a lot and can overwhelm even a large account if bidding too much (based on your account size & leverage). For example, to trade all pairs at a minimum lot size ".01" it could take a $10,000 account at 500 leverage to survive and not margin out with forced losses. In general I would suggest bidding .01 per $1,000 account balance up to $5,000 and then .01 for each $2,500 over that < however that is just general advice and you trade at your own risk. Your own experience is key. You would also want to possibly trade a sub-set of the 22 pairs available; they all work very well.

2. the "10 PIP Hybrid" feed - this feed takes trades directly from the main "10 PIP Automation" feed above yet it has advanced A.I. connected, trading only one group of currency pairs at a time (see groups below) - to profit - no matter how many trades in a basket it needs to take profit. It will only take trades on pairs that have scaled in deeper on a trade - this ensures higher profits with potentially less small trades and less potential drawdown. This is a slow, and steady trading system that allows potentially higher bidding due to the slow steady flow of trades.

10 PIP Hybrid "Groups"







3. the "High Profit" feed - trades the very volatile Gold (XAUUSD), US30, NAS100 & SPX500 (metals and indicies) + USOil, and these trades are all sent with take profit TP and stop loss SL calculations - and can even include Pending Orders. The base lot size sent is .10 divided over three take profit amounts. Trade #1 is 70% of the lot size, trade #2 is 20% of the lot size and trade #3 is 10% of the lot size; so when bidding the base lot size take profit #1 would be .07 lot, take profit #2 would be .02 lot and take profit #3 would be .01 lot (all totaling the .10 base lot size) So if you bid a multiply factor of 1 then you are bidding .10 lot on the basket of 3 take profit points, if you bid a 10 multiplier then you'll be bidding a base lot of 1.0 (take profit #1 would be .70, take profit #2 would be .20 and take profit #3 would be .10). The take profit (TP) calculation for each trade will be set at a TP3 however the system will take TP#1 and TP#2 at the appropriate times. The stop loss (SL) is a trailing stop loss, meaning when take profit #1 is hit (TP1) then the stop loss is moved to break even (BE) on trade #2, and when TP2 is hit then the stop loss is set to break even on trade #3. This trailing stop loss protects profits from the previous trades in a basket of 3.

I will be posting daily updates and trade examples on multiple accounts in the Discord group so get involved and share your results for the best chance to profit and win!

Terry Lamb

Join my journey in the Forex market and we'll focus on fast tracking your progress and success by skipping the steep learning curve and get you up and running with little effort.

Terry Lamb

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