Get A FREE 3 Day Trial Of My Forex Copy Trade Service, Here's How To Get Setup


My recommended broker: HugosWay
*you can use any broker with my copy trade service so if you already have a broker you are using, that works, just contact me as stated below.

Get the Metatrader4 (MT4) app: search for and download on your mobile device using the app area for android or ios.

*note: do not download MT4 to your desktop, the links you find online are not actually MT4 but rather MT5 and they won't work as you need them; IF you want MT4 on desktop (windows only) you can download that directly from HugosWay above but it's not needed or recommended if you are just getting started.

Once you are all setup: simply contact me and give me your account number and password shown in the email you receive and I will add you to the copy trade service. IF you already have this information or another broker simply contact me with the proper trading account info; all brokers work with my copy trade service.

Why setup a free demo account first?

Doing it this way get's you fully setup and when it's time to fund your live money account (if you choose to do so) you are all setup. 

When funding your live account you'll need to first buy bitcoin and then transfer it to your Hugosway account, then put that money into a live (ECN) account inside of HugosWay (just like when you made the demo account) and choose to trade it in USD.

Need Help? Contact Me Here

Terry Lamb

P.S. If and when you are ready to go all in and get advanced training on how to trade forex and all of the automation and robots available by all means join us in the FX with Terry Facebook private group HERE.

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