How To Use My Daily Blog
Posts And Short Emails For My
Top Converting Forex Offer

There are 2 parts to this process; see below.

You can go directly to the pre-written emails [HERE]

Note: I HIGHLY suggest you don't broadcast these emails (or any ever really) to your list, but instead either create a new autoresponder series and move all of your leads into that series OR add my emails to an existing autoresponder series; you'll get better email deliverability if the emails go out in an autoresponder series as opposed to a mass broadcast.

Let's be clear on one thing, the powers that be do not like our topic of make money online or Forex - others have spammed these topics so much they simply don't want us.

HOWEVER that has never stopped me - why? Because when I talk about and teach those topics I'm legitimate and provide real world advice and training from experience - these are profitable topics and a marketer has to overcome and adapt.

How do we do that?

We simply do this...

Moving forward you must not put the actual message or content in the email itself. Instead what I will do is write short emails basically saying nothing other than suggesting the reader/recipient click a link and technically read a blog post - where I can say whatever I want and that content is never sent via email; only the short sentence or paragraph with a link to the post.

It's that easy really.

So there are two parts; the short sentence email with a link to the post, and the post itself. All you have to do is copy and paste the short email I give you here, and the rest is done assuming when you copy and paste the link comes along with it; if you need to link you can click the link and copy the URL in the browser, essentially linking to the blog post from the email.

You don't need a custom link to receive commissions, the commissions are tracked by the lead; when you get a lead you own that lead on your list and when/if that lead purchases I can see in my system who owns the lead, and the commission will be paid directly to you.

Terry Lamb

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