What If I Did A Short "Teaching" Series Of Emails?

Everyone wants to earn an income from the mobile app I've been telling you about (it's free btw) and most just jump in head first and take huge risks trying to earn a profit.

Fact is you don't need to, but I'm wondering if you would be interested in a short series of emails that actually teach you step by step how to trade currencies with the free mobile app just like the big banks do?

I'm only going to do it if I get enough feedback so - here's how it would work and if that sounds good reply to my email that brought you here and I'll start sending you a series of emails with step by step instructions to earn your first $1,000 with the app, using demo money (not real money, you can test it all on a demo account first until you get good at it).

I would show you...

1. how to setup the app correctly, and get a demo account for $10,000 (fake money remember it's just for testing).

2. how to setup your visual indicators so you can easily see when to hit the buy or sell button and how much to bid (it's called setting your lot size).

3. which currency pair to choose and focus on first, it's none of the standard stuff you'll see online - this is "one" of my secret currency pairs that move fast and can make a lot of money in a few minutes (I like to get in and get out of the marketing in 15 min or less) < then I'm done for the day.

Again, if you would like to see a short series of emails that teach what I'm saying above, reply to the email that brought you here and let me know you are interested.

You can see much more detail of how it all works by watching this video here - talk soon...

Terry Lamb

Have no clue how income is created online? You'll hear me say this a lot, but just know that the powers that be don't want me or you knowing the information I share in these posts - don't believe me go look at what these online companies say you can and can't advertise about; those are the items and information you really need that is being held back from you. I'll expose you to what really works, even though they want to prevent you from knowing it.

P.S. I want to teach you how to be financially independent just like me and many of my friends and associates; watch the video here to get up to speed on how we do it, without selling or promoting something. We just profit without all the nonsense of having a traditional business online. Watch it here.

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