Done-For-You Copy Trade Setup

NOTE: please read the information below; if I don't know the required information I cannot proceed - you MUST notify me - see below.

For me to setup your Full Auto Copy Trade system I need the following things from you.

1. setup your Social Trader Tools account at

2. activate your billing section in Social Trader Tools and choose basic hosting (2 hosted accounts).

3. message me on Discord @fxwithterry and provide me with your Social Trader Tools account login (email/password); and the MT4/5 broker/trading account you want to copy to (broker name, broker server, account # and trader password).

Be sure to message @fxwithterry on Discord to get access to the "Copy Automation" menu and setup instructions + support chat. [send me a friend request, message me your details, name, email etc.)

WARNING! if you don't use your real name on Discord and you don't message me as requested above, I won't know who to upgrade or reach out to; so please follow the instructions for the best experience.

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