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Welcome to the Forex Copy Trade System:

This page contains all steps you'll need to perform the self-setup copy trade system.

If you would like the system to be setup for you; full 100% done-for-you install; click here.

I have a “Copy Trade” Telegram group where you can get support or help by CLICKING HERE.

Self Setup Instructions:

My copy trade system is a robot (EA) that runs on a Windows computer inside of the MetaTrader4 (MT4) or (MT5) program.

*if you are already trading with a broker with your own money or on demo, you can jump ahead to the Copy Trade System Setup section below.

To get started you need:

(a): a Microsoft Windows computer running 24/7 [Desktop or Laptop]

OR (b): a Microsoft Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) which will operate 24/7 for you in the cloud [I recommend this service here]*the VPS service will give you steps to learn how to log into the cloud VPS.

Note: I cannot work on your installation if it is NOT on a VPS. You’ll need to have a VPS account if you need my custom installation help.

Once you choose to run on your own desktop/laptop computer OR a VPS (recommended) then the next step is…

You’ll need a broker if you don’t already have one: I recommend this one.

If you have never setup a broker account before, use this video here.

*I suggest you create a demo account first and practice with the system.
*Choose the account balance and leverage you’ll be using when trading.

Your broker will provide the MetaTrader4 software (MT4) or (MT5); you’ll need to install that in your Windows computer or VPS server - here is a video on how to do that.

If you are not familiar with MT4/5 software, here is a link to a free course that will help you learn.

*We do this because you cannot run a robot (EA) in a web app, a mobile app or on a tablet PC, you can only “monitor” the account on those devices.

Copy Trade System Setup:

To proceed, you’ll need the free broker account (see above), you’ll need the MetaTrader4/5 software installed on your computer or VPS (this software is provided by the broker) and then you will do the next steps…

Install Trade Receiver: this is the robot (EA) that will allow you to receive my daily profitable trades. [Download Here] <open link and save file.
*A detailed installation video is here.

2 web request URL’s you’ll need are:

*you may find the Trade Receiver manual helpful here.

Trade Receiver Settings: [video here]

*Before enabling the Trade Receiver, set the “Only Copy Within” to 30 (seconds).
Change “Set Lot Size By” to “Multiply by providers lot size” and “Set Multiply Factor” to 1.

*with these settings trades will come to your account at .01 lot size; if you want to bid more then increase the Multiply factor accordingly.

Example: if you want to bid .10 or $1 per pip, then the multiply factor would be 10 (10 X 10 cents = $1 or a .10 lot size).

Enable Trade Receiver: (Provider List Button at top of control panel)

FIRST you’ll need to message me and give me your demo/live account number (account number only); once I’ve added that to my system I will give you the “provider” account number and you’ll place that in the “Provider List” area; description of the feed is “10 PIP Automation”.

*After clicking the "+" or OK then you’ll be returned to the Trade Receiver control panel home screen and if “auto trading” is enabled in MT4 then click the “Disable/Enable” button and the Trade Receiver will begin working (see flashing computer icon at top of control panel).

You will begin receiving trades upon the next open trade in the system (allow up to 24 hours for the first trade).

NOTE: since you are entering the copy trade system while it’s active, you may get a few small losses at first until the trading system catches up; allow 3-5 days on demo for this to happen. Any losses will be small if you accept the trades at the lowest lot size to start.

10 PIP Automation Details: < the copy trade feed you’ll be receiving

Currently trading 10 currency pairs:


Trade Management:*learn how to change your lot/bid size video here.


*Learn how to monitor your MT4 Forex trading account on your Google Android mobile device. Apple iOS is currently not available.

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