Forex Copy Trade Service

I'm currently offering my US30 copy trade service, where I set you up to copy my exact live trades to your Forex broker account and the initial offering price is $297 one time.

This entire process is automated and you can test this on a demo account or go live; my trades copy directly and automatically to your Forex trading account and are set as a percentage of mine; for example if my account is $1,000 and your's is $2,000 then when the trade is copied to your account your lot size would be 2X bigger than mine (however we do have other risk options such as fixed lot size, percentage of total equity, etc.).

This offer will increase in price after the first 10 people - most likely to a 20% account profit fee on a monthly basis HOWEVER if you get in now I'll grandfather you in for a minimum of 60 days at the one time $297 cost. At that price I'm literally giving this away...

And I'm glad to do this to get success stories and testimonials.

If you are open to that and working together on this then click the button below to make payment and we'll set you up - whatever help you need to get going (It's as easy as setting up a broker account and exchanging the account username and investor password) - you'll have full control of your money if you want to pull out and cancel that broker account at will; I'll simply be copying my trades to your account - I have no access to your money demo or live account.

Terry Lamb

P.S. As stated earlier the price on this will go up so I hope you can make the first 10 to get into this amazing offer.

P.P.S as you may already know, you do this at your own risk, this is not financial advice and you should be fully prepared to lose everything you invest. I guarantee zero profits and your money is yours to do with what you wish positive or negative.

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