Copy Trade Service

Limited Edition Monthly

Receive One (1) Currency Pair Trade Per Day



  • Daily Trades On GBPJPY
  • Full Control Over All Settings
  • Licensed To 1 Account
  • *VPS Recommended
  • Full Install Training Provided

prop firm trader

Get A Lifetime License And Receive 21 Currency Pairs + Prop Firm VPS Installation/Setup




  • Daily Trades On 21 Currency Pairs
  • + Everything in lifetime
  • Licensed To 2 Accounts
  • + Custom Consult / Install Via Phone/Live Chat/Screen Share
  • Full *VPS Customization & Setup with Advanced Local Trade Copier (For Prop Firm Trading)

*VPS comes with an additional $10 per month third party service fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many trades will I receive if I choose the "Limited Edition Monthly"?

On the "Limited Edition Monthly" you will receive at least 1 daily trades on one currency pair GBPJPY, however you could receive more or less based on current market conditions. These trades have a 50pip take profit and a 25pip stop loss, you have full control over lot size.


What does a "license" mean?

A license means, you can receive the trades to your MT4 account either 1 or 2 accounts at a time either live or demo; however typically you will choose to receive all trades on a live or demo account and then for advanced users, use a local trade copier (free software) to control trades being sent to a secondary live or demo account. Full training provided.


What is "MT4" and does that cost extra?

MT4 is short for MetaTrader Version 4, which is free software provided by your Forex Broker (full broker recommendation provided, and a broker account is free also). MT4 is where your forex trades are placed and all automated software functions. Full training provided.


What is a Custom Install / VPS?

A custom install includes full help and support (live chat, phone, screen share) with full setup of an advanced trade receiver and live/demo/prop-firm trading platform in the cloud with a VPS or Virtual Private Server (a Windows PC in the cloud) allowing you to operate your automated trading system 24/7 without taxing your personal PC. A VPS costs approx. $10 per month as an additional cost and we recommend which service to use, how to create an account and full help and support with everything setup and optimized for you.

Can I upgrade from Limited Edition to Lifetime or Custom Install?

Yes, the Limited Edition Monthly is a great starting point for brand new beginners however the Lifetime and Custom install give you many more trades and more potential profits. To upgrade to a higher level simply choose that level and we'll provide a pro-rated refund on your remaining monthly fee of the Limited Edition after upgrade.


How many trades will I receive with the Lifetime License or Higher?

The Lifetime License & Custom Install include trading on 21 currency pairs (where as the Limited Edition Monthly only trades on one currency pair) so you have the ability to receive dozens upon dozens of trades per trading day, depending on market conditions. You will have full control of how many pairs you want to receive at any given time along with lot size control and more. Full trade management training is provided + custom live chat support.


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