Copy Trade Setup Videos & Steps:

Please bookmark this page and/or check your email for a link back to this setup area; you'll need this to manage all of your copy trade items and to learn how to setup the copy trade process.

Setup Video #1: Choosing Your Broker

Submit Your Account Number: CLICK HERE

Resources From Video:

Recommended Broker: HugosWay

Setup Video #2: Installing MT4

Note: only complete video #2 (above) "AFTER" you have chosen a broker and you have your demo/live account number setup and transmitted via the form in step #1 above.

If you are new to MT4 and forex, it may help you to learn the basics of the MT4 software but that is not required - however I will give you a free third party link here if you want to go more in-depth on how to use MT4 in the future but again, that's not required with what we are doing here.

Setup Video #3: Setup Copy Trade Receiver

Download the Free - Remote Trade Receiver Software:
[right click here to download]

Web URL's needed:

Provider Account Information:
Account Number: 2104412330 10 PIP Automation

Note: the file you are downloading is a zipped "folder" containing the .ex4 file and the PDF installation guide. This is a standard EA installation you can do on any chart, by copying and pasting the .ex4 file (after unzipping) into the MT4 "experts" folder (see video above & PDF manual included with the software download).

*don't know how to "unzip" a file for folder? simply download the file (right click and save to your computer) then right click on the file once downloaded & choose unzip or extract (depending on mac or pc) and then you'll have access to the files in the folder.

When all of the steps above are completed, and you are receiving trades move onto the "Advanced Trade Management" Video here.

Struggling with this setup? Contact me via live chat support and we can discuss a custom installation done-for-you at an additional cost.

Terry Lamb

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