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I am a Forex, automated trading FANATIC!

Forex is "what I do"....

In the beginning I struggled, bad, for years.

Until I stopped listening to everyone else (they don't know they are wrong, they are just following the crowd).

Here's the truth; Forex is random at best - yet everyone will attempt to show you (and themselves) there is some sort of pattern. It's a lie we tell ourselves. In fact if you look into human psychology you'll find that humans have an in-built evolutionary need to attach patterns to everything, even random data (like Forex).

The moment you realize the truth the world opens up for you...

- indicators as a trade entry/exit strategy are a waste of time
- a "strategy" is a waste of time (unless simplified and automated)
- buy or sell, it doesn't matter - all that matters is how you manage the trade
- FACT: you never have to take a "loss" if you know this one thing...
- 2 pips take profits is ALWAYS better than 20+
- set a stop loss, it will get hit & you will take a loss
- the moment you see an "expert" looking back on history data, they are lying to you
- you enter a sell and lose, I enter the same sell and win, we are not the same
- the big banks are NOT manipulating every pair and time frame, all the time (total lie)
- you never have to manually enter or manage a trade ever again, EVER!

I could go on and on - it's all counterintuitive - and let's be straight here, the people teaching you all of the wrong stuff, they don't know it's wrong they just believe their own lies; the ones passed onto them from the other clueless people. I sound cynical, I'm not - I'm massively profitable and I got that way be realizing Forex is random, and as soon as someone tells you otherwise RUN away screaming and come here - I'll show you how to automate, manage and profit - and also have a life.

I don't stare at charts all day seeking patterns. Drawing lines on a chart looking back in history is pure and utter psychosis and a mental issue at best - as much as they don't want you to believe; it is insanity.

I've personally automated the entire Forex trading process and - it works better than any manual entry or "price action" strategy you see being taught (lies, all lies and a waste of time).

Follow me and win. OR keep losing by following the herd of cult creating pattern seekers.

I can prove everything I say and you can even get access (for FREE) to one of my accounts with real active trades; simply log in and check the history of trades, if you are not blown away you may be on life support and I hope you get better; wanna be better now? Again, follow me and win - and have a life outside of watching candle sticks move on your computer screen.

Terry Lamb

Join my journey in the Forex market and we'll focus on fast tracking your progress and success by skipping the steep learning curve and get you up and running with little effort.

Terry Lamb

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